Serving the Churches of Heald Green. Individual churches of Heald Green may be members of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, as well as of the Churches Together organisations of the constituent parts of Britain and Ireland. 

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Youth Initiative

We have a base for flourishing work with young people. We have a professional Youth Worker, Dan Pell, to work in and aroung Heald Green.

This Youth Worker has a firm and continuing programme, running Youth Activities in and around Heald Green. This is a real commitment to the young people of Heald Green and to the future of our community.


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We have also won an award because of the outstanding work of Danny Madden, Dan's predecessor, in cutting reported anti-social behaviour in and around Heald Green, by more than 50%.



Danny laid a firm foundation for our Youth Work, and this work has gone onwards and upwards, under Dan Pell's leadership. Dan uses a facility at New Life Church, near the recreation ground, with a grassed area alongside for outdoor exercises.

Dan does school visits, and engages in outreach actlivities, in the area.

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Christians in Schools Trust

 Christians in Schools Trust

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