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 Small scalesWelcome to the Justice and Peace Section! This is where we engage with the world's poverty, the world's oppression, the world's injustice.



Justice and Peace Group

doveWhy not join our ecumenical group? We seek to inform ourselves and keep up to date. We seek to promote wide awareness of the issues.






Fair Trade

Fairtrade Logo - smallWe are very keen on Fair Trade. It is an idea whose time has come, and it is motoring. Always check to see if what you buy in the shops has been fairly traded, and if it hasn't been, see if there's an alternative that has.




Taxes, anybody?

Some of the multinational trading companies are getting away without paying their fair share of taxes. They are able to arrange matters so that they declare very little profit in countries with conventional taxation arrangements. They are able, by a variety of devices, to hide their profits in tax havens, thanks to the secrecy that surrounds the operations of those havens. Join us in campaigning for proper and upright taxation arrangements, so that all countries, including those of the developing world, can receive their proper due. 

Progress is being made, with many tax havens dropping their cloaks of secrecy. Some continue to hide from scrutiny, so that those who own and profit from such companies cannot be traced, and neither they nor their companies can be taxed. 

To put this right would be a win-win for everybody, except, possibly those individuals and enterprises who are having a free ride on some of the poorest people in the world, as well as the rest of us.

Two links:-
Global Financial Integrity http://www.gfintegrity.org/
Tax Justice Network  http://www.taxjustice.net/   
And a third, an excellent introduction to these tax issues:- http://www.tackletaxhavens.com/

Refugees and Sanctuary Seekers

Do you ever wonder what the real facts are? Are we being overwhelmed by hordes of people with bogus claims of torture and threat? Or is there a real issue there that a civilised society should address, and that more responsible journalism present differently?

Are those who seek sanctuary within our shores living a life of luxury and enjoying preference over people of the host community? Let's get at the real facts and see if we can help in any way.  http://www.refugeecouncil.org.uk/

Or perhaps the answer is to create safe, well-appointed, areas near the zones of conflict, so that refugees can thrive and progress, and perhaps return to their homeland when peace comes. And, above all, they won't need to risk those terribly dangerous journeys, propelled by people smugglers whose only interest is profit.



Further useful links:-

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National Justice and Peace:- http://www.justice-and-peace.org.uk/ 

Food for thought:- http://www.togetherforthecommongood.co.uk/

Climate Change:- http://www.theclimatecoalition.org/ 



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